Community Groups are the primary venue in which we practice the way of Jesus together. Although most groups meet weekly, members are also encouraged to connect throughout the week. Community Groups are inter-generational and limited to about 12 people.

Community Groups

foggy treetops at sunrise (Halbauer/Straus group)
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Screenshot 2021-09-13 154613.png
Sillhouette of people (Hon Lowen Group)
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Screenshot 2022-05-18 124744.png
Screenshot 2022-02-22 124807.png
Screenshot 2022-02-22 124357.png
Four Windows (Tranquilla's Group)
Redwood Trees (Underwood's Group)
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Flower Garden (Garden Bible Study)
Open Bible (Tuesday's Ladies Group_
Screenshot 2022-03-28 132817.png

Bible Study Groups

Other Groups

Pile of Books (Ladies Book Club)hot 2020-11-04 145010.png