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Season of Lent

As we enter into the season of lent we invite you to join us as we prepare our minds and hearts for the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Kids Resources

This year the children will be following the Sermon series, a year of biblical literacy. For at home resources click the button below. 

Community Groups

Community Groups are the primary venue in which we practice the way of Jesus together. Although most groups meet weekly, members are also encouraged to connect with each other throughout the week. Community Groups are inter-generational and limited to about 12 people. To sign up for a community group or for community group resources click one of the buttons below

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Spiritual Rhythms

Suggestions to follow as you consider a “Spiritual Rhythm” to help keep you grounded in your faith journey with Jesus.



Check our calendar to see what is happening both on and off sight at our church. 



Following Jesus during uncertain times

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Our Partners

See the work that VBC is partnering with in our local and global neighbourhood

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