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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is the fourth and final account of the life of Jesus. This Gospel, however, stands out from the rest in its literary style and time span, ultimately for the purpose that his readers may come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Join us as we journey through this book and look at how the events and discussions written point us to this same truth. 

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Resurrection Stories

According to scripture many people witnessed the resurrected Jesus, and each was had a different experience. In this series we will be exploring the different perspectives of those who witnessed the resurrection and how the responded. In turn we will also look at how we may respond to the good news of the resurrection. 

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Amazing Grace

We often speak of grace in the church but what really is it? And why is it important? In this series we will explore stories of God's grace both in and out of the Bible and how God's grace should be shaping our lives.

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The Truth about Lies

The world is speaking to us, but it isn't always telling us the truth, so how then can we distinguish the truth from the lies. In this sermon series we will explore how lies are the primary weapon of the devil, and how lies affect us personally (Genesis 3) and culturally (1 Kings 18). We will also consider how the truth (Jesus) sets us free and how we might combat lies in our current context.