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Despite all the darkness, we may still see around us and experience within us, Jesus’s birth was the beginning of an irreversible change. The light of the world has shined in the darkness and it has not been snuffed out!  

Rinus Janson

Novembe 27

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Judges chronicles a nation’s struggles to self-define (and self-defining is part of the problem). Evil is first represented as worshipping other gods, but what is at stake is not simply a worship matter, but how the whole of life is oriented. Though seemingly irrelevant to our present day in many ways, Judges tackles themes of human frailty, how we are lost without God, how life will disintegrate without a king (ultimately God), how we need a deliverer (ultimately Jesus), as well as God’s justice, righteousness, mercy, compassion, and unwavering loyalty. It turns out that Judges is far more contemporary than we realized.



"Familiarity breeds complacency" For many of us the teachings of scripture and the rhythms of our Christian life have become familiar. If we are not careful, this familiarity can tempt us into a spiritual rut where we cease to grow and simply are satisfied with where we are. This series will encourage us to see the Biblical Story and God with a new and enlarged vision.

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Church Reimagined

Much has changed over the past few years, and we have also changed. In this series, we are going to look at different biblical images for church and invite you to think of new ways it means to be the church.