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A Simpler Way

Christianity often can seem complicated. With every new sermon or book, it can seem like we need to keep adding more to our lives making the journey with Jesus heavy. In this sermon series, we'll look at how following Jesus is actually simple and His load is light. Join us as we journey on a simpler way. 

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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is the fourth and final account of the life of Jesus. This Gospel, however, stands out from the rest in its literary style and time span, ultimately for the purpose that his readers may come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Join us as we journey through this book and look at how the events and discussions written point us to this same truth. 

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As Christians we talk a lot about being made new but what does this mean? This is exactly what the book of Ephesians is about, it is about experiencing a new realization of how the world really is because of what Jesus has done.



Despite all the darkness, we may still see around us and experience within us, Jesus’s birth was the beginning of an irreversible change. The light of the world has shined in the darkness and it has not been snuffed out!  

Nalanda Thompson

December 18

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