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Finding Hope in Dark Days

Often the world we are living in feels dark. Yet this is not unique to our time. Habakkuk, also found himself living in dark times. In this mini-series, we will be looking through the book of Habbakuk and seeing how he, and we, can find hope in dark days. 

Caleb Thompson

September 10

Caleb Thompson

September 17

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Making Real What I Already Believe

None of us truly see the world as it is, we are looking through a pair of glasses that have been influenced by our culture, relationship, personal histories, etc. We use these same glasses as we read the Bible and engage in our Christina faith. In this series, we are aiming to let the words and actions of Jesus disrupt our patterns of seeing and learn to see anew. 

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A Simpler Way

Christianity often can seem complicated. With every new sermon or book, it can seem like we need to keep adding more to our lives making the journey with Jesus heavy. In this sermon series, we'll look at how following Jesus is actually simple and His load is light. Join us as we journey on a simpler way. 

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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is the fourth and final account of the life of Jesus. This Gospel, however, stands out from the rest in its literary style and time span, ultimately for the purpose that his readers may come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Join us as we journey through this book and look at how the events and discussions written point us to this same truth. 

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