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Why We Gather

Stand - A Study in Philippians

Paul encourages the Philippians by reminding them that it is God who began the good work within them, He will also continue it and complete it. This good news emphasizes God's action as the Saviour and our response as those (being) saved. Where do we notice the work of grace bringing us freedom, and how is God inviting us to partner with him in His great work of salvation?

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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is the fourth and final account of the life of Jesus. This Gospel, however, stands out from the rest in its literary style and time span ultimately for the purpose that his readers may come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Join us we journey through this book and look at how the events and discussions written point us to this same truth. 

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Colossians || The Image

In Colossians, Paul is writing to a church who are in the heart of the Roman empire who are struggling with what it means to live a life faithful to Christ in their context. In this sermon series, we will be looking at how our culture is not all that different from that of the Colossians and what it looks like to be faithful to Christ in the midst of it.  

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