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Chapter 1: Community 

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In the chaos of the urban, digital age, it’s easier than ever before to “gain the whole world, and yet lose your soul.” How do we stay emotionally and spiritually alive and awake? Among the ancient practices of the way “silence and solitude” is the number one practice for journeying with Jesus... a moment of intentional time in the quiet to be alone with God. (Bridgetown Church)

● Go for a walk. Talk to God about your dreams, longings and fears.
● Keep a weekly journal. Set aside 10-15 minutes per week to record your thoughts, prayers and questions.

   Try to maintain this practice through the Christmas season.

As we practice the way of Jesus, we need companions for the journey, a community to help us along the way. Jesus invites all who follow him to be a part of a new family. This family of God is not a social club or a group of friends who look, think, and talk similarly, but “a group of people caught up in the same story, with Jesus at the center.” (Evans).

● Take someone out for coffee. Share one of the best experiences you have had over the past 3 months.

   Talk about what you are looking forward to.

    If you feel comfortable, share what makes you anxious or afraid.


When our church community, animated by the Holy Spirit, is consistently involved in meeting the real needs of the people in our neighbourhoods and city, particularly the poor and isolated. This includes talking naturally about our faith journey, sharing with others at appropriate moments (see Colossians 4:2-6).

● Consider what “tale you’ve fallen into.” Do you see yourself as part of a story in which God is at the center

   or are you in a story in which God is absent?
● Intentionally connect with one of your neighbours. Listen to what is happening in their lives. 
● Pray for them.