Sonshine Centre

We will be refreshing one of Varsity's suites at Sonshine at the end of March and will need supplies to put in it and helping hands to clean. Below is the list of things we will need. Let Susan Thiessen know if you are able to help clean or want to donate something.

New Items for Suite 202

Double Bed Quilt set

Single Bed quilt

4 (new) Pillows

Dish Cloths (4-5)

Tea Towels (4-5)

 Oven Mitts or potholders

Toilet Brush


Paper Towels

Towel Sets for 4 (Towels / Hand Towels / Face Cloths)

Aluminum foil/plastic wrap/ziplock bags

Dish soap/hand soap/laundry detergent/dryer sheets

Left-over containers


$50 gift cards for Walmart or Safeway or Superstore (for food)

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